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In the eastern Ruhr area, a water sports and research facility is being built on an approximately 10-hectare coal-mining wasteland. From March to October the premises will be operated as the world’s largest surf park (SURFWRLD). In the months that are less attractive for water sports due to the German weather conditions, the facility will be converted into a hydrodynamic test facility for large-scale wave tests (SCNCWAVE). In combination, SURFWRLD and SCNCEWAVE will allow the site to be in operation all year round.

The two huge wave pools of the facility (approx. 250 x 90 m and 180 x 90 m, respectively), in which waves of 2 m height can be generated in a broad and variable wave front, allow innovative research in many different areas of wave dynamics. The additional infrastructure, such as a standing wave, can also be used for hydraulic engineering model experiments, thus providing the possibility to conduct different experiments simultaneously.

As the world’s largest facility of its kind, SCIENCEWAVE opens up unique opportunities for research into wave-structure interactions on a large scale as well as maritime and device-related applications under adjustable and reproducible conditions and in compliance with occupational safety requirements. The focus is on both basic and application-oriented research.

Planned fields of research include:

Influence of wave loading and wave overflow on protective structures such as dikes, revetments, breakwaters, etc.

Test and dimensioning of flood protection systems also under dynamic loading conditions

Determination of wave loads on offshore structures and development of new offshore technology

Prototype and component testing

Investigation of scouring processes on structures such as bridge piers

Energetic use of water

Development and calibration of new measurement technology

Morphodynamical processes in coastal areas (e.g. causes of coastal erosion)


Fundamentals of wave dynamics

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SCNCWAVE will also house offices, laboratories, workshops and storage facilities on the site, in order to provide an attractive research environment.

SCNCWAVE is currently in the conceptual development of the infrastructural requirements and facility-specific boundary conditions. A diverse team of engineers, planners and scientists from different fields will participate in the further development. These include the Institute for Hydraulic Engineering and Water Management (Prof. Dr. Holger Schüttrumpf) and the Chair for Real Estate Project Development (Prof. Dr. Elisabeth Beusker) at the RWTH Aachen University as well as the Department of Hydraulic Engineering and Water Management (Prof. Dr. Christian Jokiel) at the Technical University of Cologne.

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